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Brian Valdivia, Esq.

Brian Valdivia, Esq. is a licensed attorney who lives in Oyster Bay, New York. He has offices in both Midtown Manhattan and Oyster Bay. Brian focuses his practice on motor vehicle collisions, premises liability, trip/slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, wrongful arrests, and various other types of negligence actions.

Before becoming an attorney, Brian worked as a police officer and a member of a SWAT team. It was there that he learned to be disciplined and straight forward. Brian will not be outworked or outfought when it comes to litigating your case.

Brian is a strong litigation and trial attorney with multi-millions of dollars in verdicts. He also has previous experience as a defendant’s trial attorney for insurance companies, where he learned the techniques and strategies used by all the major insurance companies. Now, Mr. Valdivia is able to use this background to obtain maximum compensation for his clients.

As a plaintiff’s attorney, Brian has a passion for helping others. He is determined to advocate for the injured people of New York and to give them a voice that they would otherwise not have. Brian stands out from the others because of his true desire to help. You will never be just another file number. His practice is about his client’s and the door is always open to them.

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Brian Valdivia
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Brian Valdivia
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Auto Accident

We can help you negotiate with the insurance company to arrive at an out-of-court settlement or can help you sue to recover payment for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages.

Construction Accident​

When construction site accidents happen because someone failed to adhere to appropriate safety protocol, or when a worker is injured due to a defective piece of equipment, the resulting injuries suffered by a victim can be devastating. Nearly all construction site accidents are the byproduct of someone’s negligence; it is just a matter of identifying the cause of the accident in the first place.

Motorcycle Accident

Many drivers do not know how to share the road safely with motorcycle riders. If you’ve been hurt by a driver’s failure to obey the rules or exercise reasonable care, we can represent you in your motorcycle accident case.​

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall accidents can occur on private property, in stores and retail establishments, in restaurants or malls or on the sidewalk. In many cases, the property owner or the person in control of the property has to compensate the person who suffered a fall. We can help you determine if you have a slip and fall case and we can represent you.

Medical Malpractice

A doctor or healthcare provider has to be reasonably competent in all care provided. A hospital with lax policies, a doctor that fails to diagnose you, or a doctor or healthcare provider that makes a careless mistake are all examples of medical malpractice. We can help in these and other malpractice cases.

Dog Bite

Dog bites can do serious damage and dog attacks can be traumatic, painful and disfiguring. Our injury attorneys can help you to take legal action against the dog owner.